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Bicycle Mayors

Being the first Bicycle Mayor of the world - Join the movement!

In June 2016 Anna was elected to become the world’s first Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam. Now, there're Bicycle Mayors active on every continent in some of the world’s largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas such as Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Beiroet, Cape Town, Sydney and more. We see their potential impact leading to half of all trips by bicycle in cities worldwide by 2030. We call this 50by30.

Bicycle Mayors are the human face of cycling progress in cities, and in the world.  Bicycle Mayors are key catalysts, able to drive big innovations, convene diverse stakeholders, derive valuable insights and craft new narratives to inspire more citizens to choose the bicycle.
Finally, Bicycle Mayors ensure that, in this era of decreased empathy caused by increased technological solutions, the deeply humanizing effect of cycling is protected and scaled.
Cycling as a means of transformation! Join us.

BYCS– which initiated and coordinates the program – is now working with local partners to set up Mayors in cities around the world. Meet the Bicycle Mayors here.

Do you want to become a Bicycle Mayor or do you know the person who could become your cities / towns next Bicycle Mayor? Contact me or to receive more information on how to join our growing network.