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Hosting a workshop @LaComotion 2018

Anna hosted a seminar about the global future of urban transportation, at LaComotion 2018. She took this opportunity to tackle some questions about the future of mobility with a myriad of experts in the field. Anna implemented an exercise, based on design thinking, which brings the participants to new insights and realities. The session consisted of these leaders brainstorming their vision of what path to take towards the future. They were asked to share their ideas, expertise and visions for the future of city life. The group came out of the meeting with clearer insights into complex questions. They had a deeper understanding of which steps they needed to take to reach their goal. In order to get there you need to use your boundless imaginative power!

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Ajax goes USA, November 2018

Ajax, the football club of Amsterdam, one of the biggest in the Netherlands, opened a marketing office in NYC in November 2018. Anna used her sports marketing background to plan the opening and then launch the event for the Ajax USA team. The enterprise was accompanied by billboards in Time Square, showing photo’s of famous Ajax players. It also included, among other activities, a two day grand tour around NYC, visiting all the hot spots. The culmination of the event was an elegant evening reception party. It was such a huge success, it made the frontpage of De Telegraaf, one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands.

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#Makeyourmiles: Project @UN during UNGA73, September 2018

At the groundbreaking and influential UNGA73, Anna arranged for a bike station to be stationed at the UN Headquarters in NYC. This was a cooperative effort with the Dutch delegation, in order to raise awareness about global climate change. It was a creative and interactive way to show what you, as a citizen and / or government leader, can do to take action. Cycling, as a means of climate and international well-being, helps to start a conversation between people from different nations. We all have cycling in common.

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BROMPTON opens store in NYC, April 2018

Anna was the creative director for the marketing campaign of BROMPTON BIKES U.K.. Anna launched their innovative, unique and eclectic brand in the USA market. In addition she advised them on how to start and maintain an ambassadors program in order to grow their community (brand recognition, reputation). This major launch event took place in the West Village.

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Meet startup company Smarthalo: Bike smarter

Anna was hired as a consultant for this tech savvy company on how to build greater brand recognition. Anna implemented new strategies towards their next big development steps.

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