Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultant / Event Coordinator. 
Are you looking for something a little different, perhaps a fresh look and someone who thinks out of the box?
Anna might just be the one you are looking for! She has worked on a number of projects in the field of brand building, (global) marketing planning and strategy, as well as creative directing, digital strategies and consumer insights. With a broad experience in events planning, she can create and support launches, focusing on content, program and invitees. Anna can lead / assist with PR events, develop and host trainings and organize activities to integrate with the community. Whatever you prefer. Everything is within her reach.
Anna has worked with companies such as VICENikeBrompton, UN, Ajax, Eurobike and BYCS.

Mobility Expert / Host / Facilitator / Speaker / Panelist.
Are you looking for a motivator, someone who can move and inspire the audience with a personal story or a customized innovation workshop?
Anna is known for her enthusiasm, curiosity, desire to learn and grow, her high energy and contagious optimism.
Anna played an active role in conferences such as Vision Zero NYC, LaComotion, TNW, Eurobike and Velo City.

Change Maker & Community / Bridge Builder.
Do you want to grow your number of fans, community, advocates, clients or customers?
Some areas of expertise include strategic partnerships with athletes, (micro-)influencers and communities / consumers. Anna can lay out a full framework for an ambassadors program, including i) Identifying potential (micro-)influencers in general, VIP’s, the corporate world, etc. ii) Working with existing clients to create and to offer support via the ambassadors program. iii) Connecting pro-actively with the community. Think of events and a reward system.

The first Bicycle Mayor of the world - Join the movement!
Want to know more? Have a look here.

In everything Anna does the human aspect is key. She observes people from a helicopter view. 
Topics of interest: Cars versus Bikes / Sports versus Binge-Watching / Smartphones versus Social Interaction / Fast Food versus Farm to Table / Advertisement versus Art.

Want to know if Anna can help you expand your business strategy?
Send her a message, ask for a call back or plan a coffee date to meet and see if there's a fit.